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Archive for August 2018

What is polyacrylamide?

The products was produced by adopting unique process “Pneumatic drying”, the granularity can be controlled between 80-140 mesh, it has the unique features of slimy granule, rapid solution, high viscosity, slow degradation and excellence flocculation effect. This product adopts the copolymerization of acrylamide and acrylic acid process, after granulating, drying, pulverizing, the appearance of the…

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Oily Sludge Treatment Solution

Mud (sand) crude oil is mainly sludge and scum produced during the exploration, mining, gathering and transportation, and wastewater (liquid) treatment of petroleum and natural gas. It has large production, high oil content, high heavy oil composition, and comprehensive utilization. Features such as few ways and difficult processing. Relying on the core technology developed independently,…

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