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Domestic Wastewater Treatment Process Chart

Municipal sewage mainly comes from sewage produced by urban residents, mainly toilet flushing water, laundry water and other domestic wastewater. Features: Large amount of water and complex composition. Under the complicated treatment process of the sewage treatment plant, complex sludge components are formed. Affected by external factors such as temperature and dewatering model, the treated…

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Oily Sludge Treatment Solution

Mud (sand) crude oil is mainly sludge and scum produced during the exploration, mining, gathering and transportation, and wastewater (liquid) treatment of petroleum and natural gas. It has large production, high oil content, high heavy oil composition, and comprehensive utilization. Features such as few ways and difficult processing. Relying on the core technology developed independently,…

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Oily Wastewater Treatment Solution

Oily Wastewater Treatment Solution Oil substances usually exist in three states in wastewater: (1) Floating the oil, the particle size of the oil droplets is greater than 100 μm, and it is easy to separate from the wastewater. Oil products have larger particles dispersed in wastewater, and the particle size is greater than 100 microns,…

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Crude Oil Treatment Solution

Crude Oil Treatment Solution Due to the different characteristics and geology of crude oil in various oil fields, the produced water quality of oil fields is different, but they all have the same characteristics. Generally has the following characteristics: high oil content, complex composition, high mineralization, high water temperature, and radioactive. (1) Contains various organic…

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