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Dissolution time of polyacrylamide flocculant product

  When polyacrylamide is used, the biggest problem encountered is the dissolution time of product, because poor dissolution can affect the using effect directly and may block the adding equipment. Therefore, dissolution time is the second index specified in the national standard. General hydrolysis product is easy to dissolve within 60—120 minutes, and nonionic product, 90—120 minutes. Furthermore, the dissolution time differs with molecular weights of the products, so the optimum molecular weight of polyacrylamide flocculant product for water treatment is 2 million – 5 million.

  Solid content
  Solid content of polyacrylamide flocculant product refers to the content of completely polymerized polyacrylamide, which is an index that has direct influence on the effect of the product. If this specified index is not met, the product is unqualified. The testing method is a main measure to ensure the product quality, which has been detained in the national standard, and the product must be accepted carefully. The difference value between solid content and monomer, is the alkali added in the production process, which is intoxic to human body, the other main ingredient is water.

  Hydrolysis product
  The polyacrylamide flocculant product used in treatment of highly turbid water is mainly hydrolysis product. The optimum degree of hydrolysis is about 30%. It is the copolymer of polyacrylamide and sodium poly-acrylate.

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