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Crude Oil Treatment Solution

Due to the different characteristics and geology of crude oil in various oil fields, the produced water quality of oil fields is different, but they all have the same characteristics. Generally has the following characteristics: high oil content, complex composition, high mineralization, high water temperature, and radioactive.
(1) Contains various organic substances
(2) High degree of mineralization
(3) High oil content
(4) Microorganisms in water
(5) Contains a lot of scale-forming ions
(6) High suspended matter content
After the treated water is reinjected, the basic requirements for water quality are as follows:
(1) The water quality is stable and does not cause precipitation when mixed with oil layer water;
(2) After the water is injected into the oil layer, the clay mineral will not cause hydration, swelling or suspension;
(3) Do not carry a large amount of suspended matter in the water to prevent blocking the seepage end face and seepage channels of the injection well;
(4) Under the operating conditions, water injection should not cause scaling
(5) The injected water is less corrosive to water treatment equipment, water injection equipment and water pipelines;
(6) The absorptive capacity of the water injection well cannot be caused to decrease rapidly. In order to maintain a certain absorption capacity of the water injection well.


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