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Particle profile control agent

With a certain proportion of the monomer, initiator, crosslinking agent and a variety of fillers under certain conditions, this product is formed by the polymerization reaction and has the formation of three-dimensional network structure of the polymer material. Compared with the widely used gel Class, precipitation and clay particles profile control water shutoff technology, this product is easier to control rubber conditions, has higher expansion, better resistance to temperature and salt, better resistance to erosion and is easier to make up and construct. It can be effective to seal the pore throat of the rock, extend its block cycle. So, it is widely used in various oil fields, oil wells, profile control and water shut off.
It is suitable for profile control and water shutoff of various oil and water wells with turbulent channel type (extra high permeability, crack, large pore) reservoir formed in the later stage of water injection oilfield.

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