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Polyacrylamide in treatment of oily wastewater

The reuse of water is one of the most important measurements to strengthen the benefit of oil exploitation and refinement.
Treatment of oily wastewater (oil wastewater treatment) is the premise of reuse.
Concerning the reuse of the wastewater of oil field and the reuse of refining sewage, our company provides a whole series of chemical methods through precise water quality analysis, including wastewater agent, formula and operating design.
The process : Reverse demulsifier, water clarifier, crude oil dehydration, produced water, deoiling, high water cut oilfields, polyaluminium chloride (pac)+cationic polyacrylamide.
The characteristic : high removal rate, flocs form fast and strong, treated water is suitable for reuse.
This scheme is applicable to the treatment of oily wastewater in oil fields. The treated water is used as supplementary water for the boiler or returned to the underground.

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