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Reverse Demulsifier and Demulsifier

Demulsifier, or reverse demulsifier, crude oil demulsifier, emulsion breaker, is a class of specialty chemicals used to separate water from oil.
Jiufang Tech’s products Range:
We can offer around 40 different kinds of Demulsifiers or reverse demulsifiers with wide RSN value range which can be applicable to Light, Medium, Heavy crude oils. our demulsifiers are formulated and selected upon the specifications of crude oil types.
Jiufang Tech’s products Advantages:
Top-quality oil treatment.
Clear oil/water interface.
Zero residual emulsion.
Low salt content.
Good effluent water quality for disposal or re-injection.
Environmental regulatory compliance.
We can offer a bottle test and give professional guidance on the selection.
Reverse Demulsifiers—-Break oil-in-water emulsions
Demulsifiers—-Break water-in-oil emulsions

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