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Ferric Chromium Lignin Sulfonate

FCLS is abbreviated as iron-chromium salt, which is a multi-functional ionic molecular compound. It can adsorb on the edge zone of bentonite particles, weaken and dismantle the network structure in the mud, and play a role of viscosity reduction. At the same time, the molecular chain of iron-chromium salt is long. It can also adsorb a plurality of bentonite particles, inhibit the shale hydration expansion, stabilize the well wall, and reduce the loss of water. Add amount: 0.2-05% of fresh cement slurry, 0.5-1% of salt cement slurry.
   1. FCLS is toxic. Wear a mask when using it. Wash it with your hands.
   2. FCLS is weakly acidic. Before use, add caustic soda to adjust the pH to 9-10.

It is used as a high-efficiency mud dispersant for geological exploration and oil exploitation drilling as a mud thickener. It is suitable for deep wells or high temperature wells in gypsum layer, rock salt layer and salt layer.

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